Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Webinars – Assoc. Prof. James Eagan


Assoc. Prof. James Eagan from Institut Polytechnique de Paris will be the guest of KHAS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciencesu00a0webinar series with his speech u201cBuilding a Better Bicycle for the Mindu201d on Friday, April 1 at 14.00.

The event will take place on Zoom and is open to anyone interested.

Abstract: Steve Jobs once described the computer as u201ca bicycle for the mind,u201d a tool that amplifies peopleu2019s cognitive capabilities. My work focuses on making this bicycle a better, more expressive tool for humans in a data-rich world: by understanding how people interact with and make sense of data, by making interactions more flexible and expressive, and by rethinking how we build software so users can appropriate and adapt it to their own idiosyncratic needs. In this talk, I will present an overview of my labu2019s work in these three areas.

About the Speaker: James Eagan is an Associate Professor (Mau00eetre de confu00e9rences) and head of the Design, Interaction, Visualisation & Applications (DIVA) group at Tu00e9lu00e9com Paris and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. His research in the fields of human-computer interaction and information visualisation is generally organized around three themes: making software more malleable, using information visualisation to help people better make sense of data, and increasing the expressiveness of the tools people use to do so.

He is also chair of the MS Big Data program at Tu00e9lu00e9com Paris and the Interaction, Graphics, and Design Masteru2019s program at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Before joining Tu00e9lu00e9com Paris, he was a post-doctoral researcher at LRI (CNRS & Universitu00e9 Paris-Sud). He holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a B.A. in Mathematics/Computer Science from Lawrence University.

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